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Book an appointment to register a death

UPDATE: 30/03/2020

Appointments will take place by telephone so please check all locations and simply book for as soon as possible once you have been told by the GP / Hospital / Hospice that they are sending us the paperwork we need.  Please ensure that you supply a valid number and be prepared for a telephone call at the time you have selected.

You MUST register a death within five calendar days UNLESS the Coroner is investigating.  You can book to attend any Cambridgeshire Registration Office to do so, which may not be your closest. If you have checked all locations and none have any availablity that allows you to register within five days please call the number in the final paragraph below.

The death cannot be registered until either :

  • the doctor or hospital provides a Medical Certificate Cause of Death (which YOU must arrange to collect and bring with you to this appointment) or
  • if the Coroner is involved the Coroner Service must have informed that you can book an appointment, so that they provide the relevant paperwork directly to us ready for your appointment.

Note: For the purposes of death registration the law does not recognise a person as a civil partner / spouse as a relative unless a legal civil partnership or marriage has taken place (for example it does not recognise 'common law wife / husband' or  'co-habiting partner' as a relative).

If the death took place elsewhere in England or Wales please proceed to the next stage but ensure you read the messages about a 'declaration' very carefully before booking.

If the death did not take place in England and Wales the law does not permit us to register the death, you should only contact us if the person died elsewhere and the burial or cremation is taking place in Cambridgeshire. In that scenario please do not book on-line and instead contact us on 0345 045 1363 (lines open Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm and Saturday 9am to 1pm - excluding Bank Holidays), select option 1