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Booking Terms and Conditions for giving notice in Cambridgeshire

Terms and Conditions

An administration fee is taken at the time of booking for all notice appointments. Provided you turn up on time with all original documents and meet the legal criteria notice will be taken and the admin fee utilised accordingly. You may re-schedule your appointment once free of charge provided you give us at least 2 full working days notice (Monday to Friday, excluding Bank Holidays). If you give less notice, fail to turn up, fail to turn up on time and we are unable to proceed due to other appointments, we are unable to take the notice due to you not following the information provided on booking or you cancel completely this fee is forfeit. If we have to cancel the appointment for any reason we will re-schedule free of charge but no refund will be due.

If the information provided when booking is incorrect and, as a consequence, we are unable to complete your notice(s) then you will lose your fee and you will be required to book another appointment.